Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Turkey Surrealism

Nate and I saw some turkeys on the road on our way to school. Gabby missed them. She was really upset. Once we got home she and I sat down to have some tea when the turkeys literally pecked on our window. It's one of those days where you want something to happen and it magically does. She asked for puddles next...I'm guessing it's going to rain now.

The poor Tom turkeys have a dangly piece of flesh hanging off of their beaks. See it flapping in the air as he shakes his head? This is how I felt the past two weeks with my cold. Something constantly dangling off of my nose. I managed to blow my way through two entire boxes of tissue. Both kiddos had colds too but used their sleeves. Lots of icky laundry. I think we're all back to normal. Though seeing the turkeys I have that cloudy head feel I did last week...what a weird day so far.

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