Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Joys of Home Ownership

Our house is 20 years old this year and we're starting to feel it! Last year our dishwasher and oven decided to quit working. This year we decided to remove the very early 1990's hunter green pine cone wallpaper from our guest bathroom/kids' bathroom.

Removing wallpaper is one of my least favorite activities. Right up there with washing the tracks out of windows. Ick. I think it all started with the first house we lived in after we were married. The bathroom had layer upon layer of wallpaper. Instead of removing the wallpaper and reapplying, years of renters simply added what they liked on top (space ships, stripes, etc.). It was a hideous mass of paper, glue and mold in between. I digress...Anyway, I really HATE removing wallpaper.

So, we're taking off the wallpaper and find that whomever put it up: a) Loved glue. It was gobbed on. b) Cut the paper on the wall, thus cut the wall. c) Moved the toilet paper holder and towel rack a gazillion times (yes that is a technical term). This simple project of removing the wallpaper and painting has suddenly gotten a lot more complicated. Now we are talking about:

Steaming the walls



Getting a new mirror (the hubby broke the mirror removing it so we can remove the pine cone paper)

Finding a new bath tub faucet (I somehow broke it while washing out the bits of paper that fell in the tub during removal)

Redoing the counter tops

Finding new cupboard knobs

And, getting new flooring

One word: Yikes!

I'll keep you posted on what comes to pass. Luckily we have a great helper!

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