Friday, July 27, 2012

I Want to Be a Supermodel!

We had family pictures last night. Hilarious.

Of course there were hiccups. Like the fact that the pictures were at Edgefield and there was a concert. Some little known guy named Steve Martin. Yes, the actor, Steve Martin. Did you know he is a super talented banjo player too? We didn't go into the concert but heard some tunes...pretty phenomenal. In addition to the concert there was a wedding and 3 bachelor parties. Can you say busy? Wow. Next time, we need to check the event calendar before heading over there!

The other hiccup was the weather. It was sticky hot. Me and my poor babies can't handle the heat. We get cranky. My head gets sweaty. Most people sweat from their armpits. I sweat from my head. Not very convenient for pictures.

The other hiccup is that Gabs didn't smile. At all. When it comes to pictures you never know if you are going to get smiling Gabby or stoic Gabby. Last night stoic Gabby was in full force and you couldn't get a smile out of her no matter the theatrics, tickles, or songs you threw her way.

Nate however smiled, struck poses and even brought his own fashion sense with a fedora that he demanded he wear. Total super star.

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