Sunday, August 12, 2012


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Last week we went down to Southern California to visit my folks. It was a great week of eating, swimming and eating some more. I gained 4 pounds and the hubby 7...what a great week!

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When we first got to my parents' place Nate did not want to go in the pool without someone holding him at all times. By the end of the week he was leaping off of the rocks pretending to be a super hero. I'm surprised his skin isn't still puckered and wrinkly from the amount of time he was in the pool!

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My baby girl was not a fan of the outdoors. It was either too hot or too windy or too bright or a combination of the elements. She preferred the air conditioning. She also preferred the great meals and snacks her Poh Poh (grandmother) made her. Her she is happy after finishing her dinner. A full tummy makes for a very happy Gabry.

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