Friday, November 16, 2012

Art Project #3

For our third art project we decided to make our version of a Jackson Pollack painting. We stripped the kiddos down on one of the last warm days of the Summer and let them loose with paints and a large canvas. Afterward Jim and I took paint brushes and splattered away.

The kids loved it! They used brushes.

They used their hands.

And played with mixing colors.

It was messy and fun and a great piece of artwork in our kitchen. Though it did degenerate for Jim and Nate into a fight to paint each others bodies instead of the canvas. 

The best part is that I can tell who did what part of the painting. Gabby did the big smears.

Nate did the strong brush strokes.

Jim and I did the paint splatters.

When the painting dried (took several days due to some super thick paint) I sprayed it with a sealant as we did use kid safe water based paints. It is obviously a kiddo painting but it was so much fun to make looking at it is a great reminder of that messy day!

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