Thursday, December 6, 2012

Rainbow State

We just returned from a two week long vacation to Hawaii. Escaping the cold and wet weather here in Oregon was blissful. The first week was spent on Maui with the hubby's family to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of his folks. 17 of us in a big house. Pure fun.

Our days were simple. We went to the beach in the mornings, got back to the house for lunch and naps, lounged by the pool in the afternoons and ate an early dinner so there was time for games and fun before going to bed early.
The second week we traveled with my in-laws to Kauai where we met my parents and older sister. The weather wasn't nearly as warm as Maui but we could still wear shorts (my family who is from Southern California thought it was chilly and wore pants and long sleeved shirts the entire time...inconceivable!). Here our days were even simpler and our greatest quandary of the day was where to eat dinner.
It was a memorable vacation but like the song says..."there's no place like home for the holidays."

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