Sunday, December 16, 2012


We took our kiddos to a Christmas party where the big jolly fellow in red came and gave each kid a toy. Nate loved it and ate every moment up. He was the first kid on Santa's lap.

Gabby was not quite sure and was the last kid in line. She kept looking at Santa with a look that said, "what's up with the beard?"

Not liking it too much here, but at least mom's here and I have a candy cane in my mouth that I stole from another little girl at the party.

Wha-aat? Mom, you are leaving? And laughing?

Waaaaaaah! Come back!
We've been going to the same Christmas party each year. Our kids are definitely the youngest in attendance. At least one of them has cried every year. One fellow party-goer made the comment "It wouldn't be a Christmas party without a Simnitt kid crying about Santa." Yeah, we are that family.

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