Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tuesday Tips - Amazon Lightening Deals

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With Black Friday approaching I'll be joining the throngs shopping for Christmas. Though I choose to not be jostled by the crowds and will instead be fighting it out online. One of my favorite online retailers to shop is Amazon. Their Lightening Deals in particular are typically awesome. In fact, Jim just bought me my birthday present with one of these deals yesterday (an awesome coral colored hybrid commuter bike. Love it!) For each deal there are a limited number of items available so you have to act fast. Here are some tips I've learned from winning and losing some deals:
  1. Check out the deals in advance by going to the Deals page.
  2. When you find a deal you are interested in pursuing, note the time the deal is going to start. Be sure to be back on the page 10 minutes before the deal goes live.
  3. As soon as the time for the deal starts (to the second if possible), click on "add to cart" from the Lightening Deal page. If you were quick enough to get the deal added to your cart be sure to complete your transaction. If you are waffling whether or not you want the deal, go to your cart and click on the item. A new page with the item details will appear, it will have a countdown clock for how long the item will stay in your cart (typically 15 minutes).
  4. If you miss the item, don't despair! From the Lightening Deal page click on "Join Waitlist" for that item. If someone doesn't complete the purchase of the item within the allotted time it will be returned to the Lightening Deals for purchase. When you join the waitlist a pop up window will tell you that you have been added to the list and what number you are on the waitlist. Be sure to stay on main deal page, should the item become available a new pop up window will tell you that you can now add the item to your cart. Note, you will only have 2 minutes to add it to your cart before the window disappears.
Happy Shopping!

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