Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer Wreath

I've become a huge fan of Pinterest. While the rest of the world is, I'm sure, onto the newest latest and greatest fad, I've just recently joined Pinterest. There are so many fun ideas and it is great for the do-it-yourself crowd. I've been wanting to make a wreath for sometime and when I came across this cocktail umbrella wreath, I knew I had to make it.

The materials are simple: a swimming pool noodle, a box of cocktail parasols, duct tape and some ribbon to hang the wreath.

Start by bending the pool noodle into a circle.

Duct tape the ends together, go crazy with the amount of duct tape you use. The little bit shown in this picture wasn't enough to hold the pool noodle together. After about a day the noodle split and I ended up with a horseshoe. I had to pull apart the top and REALLY duct tape it shut. So learn from my mistakes and use much more duct tape than you think you will need the first time around. Remember gravity is working against us!

Loop some ribbon around the noodle. This ribbon will be used to hang the wreath so make sure it is more color-coordinated than the ribbon I used (didn't fully think that part through).

Start poking the cocktail umbrellas through the noodle like your performing acupuncture on the poor thing.

Depending on the angle you insert the umbrellas, you may need to trip the toothpick end a bit so they don't poke through the back of the wreath.
Don't be stingy with the umbrellas. The fuller the wreath the nicer it looks. The best part about this wreath was the cost: $4.19; $3.69 for the umbrellas and 50 cents for the pool noodle!

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