Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sea Worthy

Yesterday we celebrated our cutie-pie goddaughter's 2nd birthday. Happy birthday, Corinne!

The party had a sea theme which was fun and very age appropriate. From jelly fish decor that big sister Elise made to Swedish Fish candy "swimming" in a fish bowl. (Gabby kept giving her puppy dog-eye look to anyone near the candy dish and ended up eating over 12!)

 Even the crab dinner plates fit into the theme.

The food is always amazing at a party thrown by Holly but what I look forward to the most is what she will do with the dessert! Check out this fun assortment of desserts:

An octopus,

A sea turtle,

A cute little crab,

And my favorite, an oyster and pearl cookie. The cookie was a rich buttery shortbread, thick creamy frosting and the pearl was a Dutch mint. So yummy!

The games were also sea worthy. They had a pool filled with sea creature squeaker toys, each kid had a bucket with their name on it and a net to "fish".
We had an amazing time and wish our little "princess" a very Happy 2nd Birthday! (This is the card I made for Corinne this year. I'll have to coordinate with her mom next year so I can make it the same as the party theme.)

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