Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Bah Humbug

Nate is a very pragmatic child. Almost a little too grown up at times. When we were on the Polar Express the engineer announced that we had arrived at the North Pole. Nate proceeded to tell the child sitting in the next seat over that the engineer was wrong. "Look at the trees," he said. The houses, the lack of snow. We need to teach him about suspending his disbelief.

When Santa came aboard he sat with each child and asked them what they wanted for Christmas. He then gave them a bell like in the book The Polar Express. If you haven't read the book, a little boy asks Santa for a bell from his sleigh. Only true believers can hear the ring of the bell. Well...the bell Nate received didn't have a clapper. No ring. The coincidence was not lost on any of the adults. We all enjoyed a good chuckle. As for Nate, we got a new bell. One that rings and everyone can hear.

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