Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Battle: Sugar Ants

Ant Anatomy
Sugar Ants are such pesky critters. We recently have been battling these little nasties. They've been coming out of the woodwork (literally) several times a day to scavenge around Gabby's seat at the dinner table. Luckily the number hasn't been great but my patience has still been tested. We've used sprays and bait in the past but were at a loss what to do this time since the issue is so close to where we eat.
I tried sweeping and moping daily but we would still get the odd scavenger throughout the day. Then I came across a hint by Danny Ledoux, author of Pest Control Simplified for Everyone: use citrus. Apparently citrus is a natural repellent that masks an ant's scent trail. In other words, the can't remember how to get back to the food source (Gabby's seat) and more importantly can't tell their colony of friends.
I've been wiping the baseboards with lemon water twice a day and so far it has worked. Not a single ant has been seen since. Bonus: it smells really good too!

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