Monday, March 11, 2013

Bicycle Cake

Nate calls his 4th birthday his "Big Bicycle Birthday". It's not that he wants a new bicycle, he got a great hand-me-down bike from a neighbors grandson. He calls it his "Big Bicycle Birthday" because he wants a big cake shaped like a bicycle. Uhhhh...yeah...I could do that, right?


I started by making to 6" rounds for the wheels and a sheet cake to cut into parts for the body of the bicycle. It's a bit rough and clunky, but it definitely resembles a bike...or scooter...or least it looks like a two-wheeled vehicle!

Much more successful were the Oreo lollipops. I simply stuck a stick into the center filling of the Oreo, dipped them in chocolate and sprinkled fun sprinkles on top. They worked out much better than anticipated.

The best part was that Nate had a good time. He didn't notice the awkwardness of the cake or the uneven dip of the cookies. In his eyes everything was perfect. 

Happy birthday little guy!

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