Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fluttering Butterfly

My friend Amanda's birthday was last weekend so I hauled out my craft supplies and started brainstorming what to make for a card. I make Amanda a card every year. We made the startling realization that this is the 16th card I've made her. Here's a link to last years card.

This year I admittedly poached the idea from this cool picture I saw at Ikea. I took the picture with my phone a couple of years ago and have been meaning to make my own since.
To start I drew out some butterfly silhouettes on the backside of my card stock. Then I took out an X-Acto knife and cut along the lines. Next, carefully erase the pencil marks.

Then glue a colorful piece of paper to the backside and voila! I think I'll try making a larger shadowbox picture for Gabby's room next!

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