Tuesday, April 9, 2013

MAKit Plates 2013

Every year I gather all of my young cousins and kids and we pull out our inner artist and draw. Last year was fun, this year was almost competitive. The cousins are getting older and spent so much time and energy you can see it in the end product!

This is my older sis' plate. It is all of the foods she hates.

Gabby's plate. Not bad for a one year old! Good color usage!

Cuz' Sophia always uses a lot of color and has such pretty plates.

This is my cuz' Philip. He's in college and thought he was too big to color a plate. Luckily another cousin berrated him into it. Isn't it impressive?
Cuz' Miranda is a senior in high school. She made Candy Land. For some reason the photo kept flipping everytime I uploaded it but I had to include it anyway. Her colors always amaze me, especially since we are using chunky Crayola washable markers.
This is an annual tradition so we probably won't stop anytime soon. Though the MAKit corporation makes it easy! If you order over 10 plates you are considered a group and they send a kit of blank sheets with your completed order. Great customer service!

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