Wednesday, March 21, 2012

MAKIt Plates

When I was in Kindergarten many moons ago I made a melamine plate. I still have it:

Apparently it was some sort of psychology experiment to see a child's perception of self image. Happy faces meant a happy child, sad faces or no faces meant issues at home. I guess I passed the happy child test!

Once I had my own kiddos I thought it would be a perfect way to keep memories in a useful sort of way. I bought a teacher kit online since it came with more sheets than the other kits. There are quite a few different plate companies but it seemed that Makit had the best reviews. One plate did arrive broken and the company offered to send a new one free of charge!

One important thing to note is that the kit is the cheap part of the deal. Once your artwork is done you have to return the kit to the company and pay for processing and shipping. Altogether the plates end up being around $15 a piece depending on how many plates you order.

This was my second year doing these plates and I couldn't have been more pleased. Here are some that we made this year:

Nate - 3 yrs.

My big sis

My cousin - 6 yrs.

Another cousin - 12 yrs.

I'm planning on doing these once a year. Even though it is only our second year Nate loves to go through the plates and re-live who drew it and when. It's also fun to see the progression in art work.

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