Monday, June 10, 2013

I *Heart* Instagram

Valentine's Day - February 2013
Back in November I got a smart phone after my beloved flip phone died. I was leery of getting a smart phone. Half a year later, I am so glad the hubby made me take the plunge. One of my favorite Apps is Instagram. It's a great way to share photos with family far away with instant and quick editing capabilities. Here are some of my favorite Instagram photos from the past 6 months.
Hawaii - November 2012
Universal City Walk - December 2012

Kiddos with our new fish (now RIP) - January 2013

Ice cream fun with Auntie C - January 2013
A chilly stroll in the stroller - January 2013
Bathtime - January 2013
Bandaged chin after getting stitches - February 2013
Exploring the Japanese Gardens with friends - February 2013
Pretty pout? - February 2013
Showing off his cap collection - March 2013
Coloring Easter eggs - March 2013
Cool kids - April 2013
I love my sparkly new sandles! - May 2013
Dance photo shoot with cousins - May 2013
Best friends - generation 2 - June 2013

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