Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tuesday Tips - Storing Quilts

Growing up in Oregon was always fabulous. The one negative is that my grandparents were all in California. My mom didn't want us to miss out on having grandparents around so found amazing older people for us to love and be loved by. One of those adopted grandparents was Myrt. I could probably write a book from the number of tips she has given me throughout my life.

One basic hint that I never realized was brilliant until I realized others didn't know about it is how to store quilts. Handmade quilts are precious and a true gift but storage is tricky. You want to keep them in something so they don't get dusty though something that allows the fabric to breathe.

Solution: a pillow case.

Simply fold the quilt up and insert into a pillow case like it is a pillow. Store in a linen closet or somewhere that isn't too hot (an attic) or too damp (a basement).

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