Sunday, August 4, 2013

Round Up

I've been MIA for about a little over a week. I've been fighting a nasty phlegmy cough. I still went about my day-to-day activities but when it came to blogging or sleeping I chose sleep. Will you ever forgive me?

Here is a round up of the last couple of weeks. I made blueberry hand pies with my niece Maddie to take along on a white water rafting excursion. A-maz-ing! I'll post the how to later this week.
We went to the Mississippi Street Fair in Portland. Nate got a Hawaiian shave ice and did a little happy dance.
Said brother also made Gabby into a pillow pet. He literally took the velcro ties and strapped her into her lamb. Strangely, she loved it. This is an action shot of her. She was rolling all over the carpet making "Wooo" noises.
We picked 30 pounds of peaches. Nate attempted to find the largest peach in the orchard. Gabby managed to find the tiniest peach ever. It's smaller than a golf ball! We made pies and froze a bunch for baking and smoothies throughout the Winter months.
Gabs had her make-up done by her cousin Ellie while the rest of the girls in the family got pedicures. She sat still for the entire thing and kept fluttering her eye lashes at everyone to show off her make-up. I've definitely got a girly-girl on my hands!
I'm attempting to reorganize our garage. We've passed along most of our baby gear to expectant family and friends so can finally rearrange things how we would like. Along with that we are rediscovering toys that have been stored behind all of the baby gear. Above Nate and Gabby are drawing on their rediscovered easel.
The weeks ahead I'll be preparing for some preschool activities. Stay-tuned for some fun kid friendly crafts!

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