Thursday, October 10, 2013

Kids Marathon

Last Saturday our kids participated in the Kids Marathon, part of the Portland Marathon activities. There was bouncy house, a climbing wall, but the most important part was the race. They ran the Toddler Dash which was one lap around the track. The race was fun but the best part was they did this with friends...

Sweetie pie girl Elise,

Our cutie patootie goddaughter Corinne,

Fierce competitor Isaac,

and sparkling Jaya.

When the race started the older kids took off fast.

They soon left the little sisters in the dust. They finished before we made it half way around.

Corinne had an assist from mom Holly.
Gabby ran the entire race on her own. Note the Lara bar sample in her hand. She ran the entire quarter mile holding that sample.

Gabs crossed the finish line fifth to last and yelled "Yay". She them promptly shoved the entire energy bar in her mouth. Note how she can't close her mouth. It was completely stuffed full.
Congrats to our little racers! You all did wonderfully!

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