Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday Tips - Devouring Chicken Wings

This post is to help you this coming Sunday with the Super Bowl. Did you know that you have been eating chicken wings incorrectly all these years? Those juicy, crispy skinned meaty morsels have a trick and I'm going to show it to you with the help of Jimmy. Eating off of the bone like Nate is the traditional way but wouldn't you rather eat them boneless? Here's how:

Start by grasping the end with the larger bone segment. Then on the other end grasp the smaller of the two bones. There may be a bit of cartilage that you will have to remove. If your chicken is cooked through you will be able to pull it right off.

Twist and pull. The bone will come right out.

Next, grab the larger bone while still holding the opposite end firmly.

Give it a bit of a twist and a tug...

and voila! The bone comes out.

Now you have a perfect boneless wing to pop into your mouth. Yum!

Or you can just eat it the traditional way that Gabby prefers.

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