Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chicks, Worms and Chicken

This past Sunday we took the kids to our niece's house as she just became the proud mama of a dozen baby chicks. The entire morning leading up to the visit Nate had been talking about holding a baby chick. He even showed us how he was going to hold one. Just as our niece grabbed one to hand to our son, it pooped on her.  He was no longer interested. Poop was gross. This was the closest he would get to the chicks:

Worms, however, are not gross in his mind. When our niece's husband mentioned how they should hunt worms to feed the chickens Nate ran outside and started picking them up. I have to admit once they put the worms in the tub with the chicks I started to think the chicks were pretty gross too. The way the attacked the worms was a bit repulsive.

One thing that surprised us about the whole visit was that at some point Nate had already made the connection that chicks will grow up to become roast chicken, chicken nuggets, etc. It didn't seem to phase him that these cute little fluff balls could one day end up on his plate. He even suggested naming one Nugget!

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