Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Spreading the Love!

Love. What better way to start out this blog? Today is Valentine's Day and to celebrate we are sharing love (in the form of cookies) with family and neighbors.

It started with the cookie baking on Sunday and yesterday we had some kiddo friends over for decorating. (My first realization since becoming a stay-at-home mom is that you have to pace yourself and plan early as inevitably one of the kids will throw a wrench into your plans!). I used Bake at 350's cookie recipe and frosting. I was a bit shocked by the stiffness of the dough and the amount of flour required but it really did turn out perfect. I also decided to use vanilla bean paste instead of the extracts. The cookies retained their shape instead of melting into an unrecognizable glob and tasted great!

Sadly I managed to consume a good dozen during the last two days. My love handles are definitely feeling the love!

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