Tuesday, January 22, 2013


This weekend we watched our very talented niece Laura dance in the ballet Sleeping Beauty. It was a local production but had all of the sets, costumes, and pyrotechnics a larger production would typically have. We've been planning to see this show for a while so have been prepping Nate for the evil Maleficent. He doesn't usually like any tension in plots and avoids watching any show with a bad guy so we were a bit worried how he would handle the ballet.

Nate's really good friend Elise came with us to the show. Right before the curtain went up Nate turned to Elise and said "I will protect you from the scary parts."


There are moments where he just melts my heart. That was one of them.

Apparently it melted Elise's too. After the show, they were chasing each other when she suddenly fell to the ground "asleep." She would only wake up with a kiss from Nate. (Seriously wouldn't mind if they got married one day...can arranged marriages come back into fashion?)

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