Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Over here in the Rice Pot Mama household we're popping out to wish you a very Happy New Year! This picture was actually taken on our Hawaii vacation. There is no way we would be wearing shorts today...it's a cold a frosty start to the New Year at a whopping 28 degrees. Brrrrr!

Each year I make several New Year's resolutions and am pretty good at sticking with them for a good 6-7 months. One of my resolutions this year is to stick them out for the full year. The rest are:
  1. Try a new recipe at least once a week
  2. Lose the extra 5 pounds I've managed to gain over the holidays
  3. Listen more attentively to the kiddos. I've noticed I'll sometimes acknowledge "yes" that I know what they are saying and then have no clue what was just said.
I don't know whether any of these resolutions will stick but part of the New Year is to start fresh with a hopeful and positive outlook.

Whatever 2013 brings I hope your year is filled with joy.

Happy New Year!
-Rice Pot Mama

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