Thursday, January 24, 2013


I admit that I was wrong. Yes, wrong. It doesn't happen often (Ha!) but I was really wrong this time. We thought that Nate was a great age to get a pet fish. His godparents also thought it was a great idea and jumped at the chance to get a scaly buddy for Nate as a Christmas gift. They got a cute little Betta that we named Alpha...Alpha the Betta or Alphabetta.

What I neglected to remember was that fish die. Alpha never really seemed to get comfortable in his new environment and didn't eat at all. This weekend Nate noticed his fish was swimming upside down. Uh oh. I really wasn't prepared to have the death conversation. I stumbled through it, nervous that I would say the wrong thing. Amazingly I made it through my explanation. Nate said that Alpha was a good fish "while he lasted".

We're going to the pet store tomorrow to find a new fish.

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