Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rhinestone Cowgirl

Recently I have become obsessed with rhinestone stickers. They are so much fun! They jazz up cards. Are great potty training awards. I just love them. I'm not picky or snobby about the ones I use. I've picked most of them up from the clearance sections of paper stores or the nifty sale section at the front of Target.

Each year I make my pal Amanda a card for her birthday. I'm not sure but I think this is year #15. I don't typically make cards for anyone except her. She always seems to appreciate them. In my family, I'm not the artistic one so when someone actually appreciates something I do...well, let's just say that flattery will get you far!

This year I made a card that I am really proud of. It says "I treasure your friendship". My life has been so filled with pirate puns lately I couldn't help it. More on that later...

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