Thursday, February 20, 2014

Flower Power

Rose Shade
I saw this super cute lamp at Potter Barn. The Gabster's middle name is Rose and thought it would be cute addition to her room. Though the price at almost $100 was a bit high for me so I decided to make one.

First, I bought this simple lamp at Target for $8.

Then I bought 14 bunches of flowers from the Dollar Store. I pulled the heads of the flowers off.

Snipped off the bit of stem remaining.

Added a squirt of hot glue.

And stuck the flower right onto the lamp shade. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
In the end, the light is a bit more modern than the more classical one I found in the store but for only $22 it is one of my favorite projects so far!
Here Gabs is checking out her new light. Each night since I've finished it she turns it on and says "Gabby's light". Seriously, best project so far.

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