Monday, March 12, 2012

Cookie Monster

Today my big boy is turning 3! Yesterday we had a birthday party and celebrated with family and friends. In preparation we started looking at the cupcake books several weeks ago. At first he wanted some sort of super hero, then it was a race car. Finally he settled on Cookie Monster cupcakes as you get both cake AND a cookie. Smart boy.

I decided to do both chocolate and vanilla cupcakes to satisfy all of the party guests. I came across the Ad Hoc red velvet cake mix and! What I failed to take into account was that it would look like you are actually eating Cookie Monster with the red cake. Hopefully no one was traumatized.

I made the cupcakes on Saturday with the idea of decorating them Sunday morning before the party. Cake mix lesson: I took a cake decorating class from the Decorette shop in Tigard several years ago and was astounded by something I learned. Don't bake cake mixes at 350 degrees even though the box tells you to. Instead lower the heat to 325. The cake will take longer to bake but it won't dry out and will cook more evenly.

Supplies you will need other than the cupcakes:
  • Oreo cookies
  • Buttercream frosting:
    • Blue
    • White
  • Black decorating gel
  • Decorating Bags
  • Decorating Tips:
    • Wilton #18 or similar star tip
    • Bakery Crafts #12 or similar large round tip

To make the Cookie Monster start out by implanting an Oreo cookie into the lower half of a cupcake. The cake may crumble a bit but we'll cover up everything with frosting.

Take your blue frosting with a star tip and make elongated stars. Be sure to make them uneven as Cookie Monster is shaggy. Cover all of the cake that is showing.

Next use the white frosting with round tip and make two eyes.

Last take your black gel and make Cookie Monster's pupils. I made them face different directions as his eyes are typically a little googly.

Note, if you want to decorate the cupcakes early don't stick the cookies in until the last minute as the cake will make them soft.

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