Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Siblings and Things

It blows me away how my kids can go from laughing and playing together one moment to screaming and crying the next. Nate is typically an affectionate big brother. We often have to caution him to not hug so fiercely. As he will tell you he is just trying to "love his Mei Mei" (little sister in Mandarin).

Last night the kids were sitting on the floor playing and laughing when Nate bit Gabby's finger. Not a love bite. Not a little nip. A full on bite. Thankfully he didn't draw blood but her little finger was purple with indentions from his teeth.

We gave Nate a time out and he immediately started wailing. I'm not sure if it was from feeling remorseful or from getting a time out. Hopefully it was the former!

On a lighter note, I think we've jumped our big potty training hurdle. Since a play date with Nate's friend last week Nate has been using the potty full time. I think it is a combination of trying to be like his friend who already uses the potty and my threatening him. Well, not really threatened. I lied.

I know. I know. Parenting books always tell you not to lie to your kids but I was desperate. Going on 3-years old with multiple potty training attempts under our belts and having two kids in diapers at the same time is miserable so I fully admit I lied. I told Nate that we ran out of diapers and they don't make diapers in his size anymore.

I'm a bit embarrassed by the lie. We were in Costco the other day and happened to go down the diaper aisle and he started pointing out the boxes with big kids on them. "Would those fit Nate?" he asked. Uhhhh.... Nope! Sorry Kiddo. I'm sure parenting experts would be appalled. All I have to say is IT WORKED!

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