Monday, March 5, 2012

My Son the Pirate

About a month ago my soon to be 3-year old son became "Captain and Hook". Yes, the "and" was put in there on purpose. That's what he tells people, "I'm Captain and Hook."

At first it was cute. We made "Ahoy Matey" comments and ran around saying "Argh" to each other. Now I think that he truly thinks he IS a pirate! He has been using words like booty, doubloons, compass and treasure map. I didn't even know what a doubloon was so had to look it up!

The above picture is him at the bow of his "ship" directing me, aka "Smee" where to sail the ship. For his birthday next week he is getting a pirate costume from his aunties. I can only imagine how this will add to his pirate-fication.

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